Why Choose 7 Virtual Assistant Service’s Transcription Services?

7 Virtual Assistant Service has successfully delivered exceptionally high-quality documents in transcriptions. Our skilled transcribers and proof readers ensure that the right abbreviations – acronyms and terms – correct spellings are used as they have been spoken for all transcription services.

To know what is transcription, transcription definition and transcription process – you have to read our other blog in transcription services.

We understand the gravity of accuracy when it comes to transcription, which is taken care of by our 3-Step Quality Assurance Process – steps of transcription.

An experienced transcriber dedicatedly works with your team to learn the dictations style and specific requirements and then transcribe the dictations into an MS word document.

Next comes the skilled proof-reader who concurrently checks the transcripts for any gaps and errors while listening to the entire dictation. Then the final step of a quality analyst who reviews the transcripts for the completeness and correctness of the document.

Why Choose 7 Virtual Assistant Service?

  • 8 Years of Experience, Transcribed Over Thousands of Audio / Video Minutes
  • GUARANTEED Highest Level Accuracy through 3-Step Quality Check Process
  • Fast Turnaround Time – Round-the-clock service
  • 100% Security & Privacy – NDA & Industry Standard Encryption Technology for Secure Transmission
  • Video Transcription with Captioning, Subtitling with Time Coding & Time Stamping Services
  • Accept Bulk & Ongoing Requirements
  • Specialized Service for Hospitals, Production Houses, Media Companies, Universities, Researchers, Businesses, Professionals, etc
  • Accept all Digital and Analog Formats for Transcription – mp3, mp4, WMA, MPEG, WMV, wav, DSS, DivX, DVD, mobile recordings etc

7 Virtual Assistant Services offers cost-effective basic services and premium-level feature options to meet your audio/video transcription needs for record-keeping and reviewing.

Multiple transcription output style guides – output formats as per your project requirements and free trial followed with special discounts to large volume projects are an added advantage of our transcription services.

Outsource your –

  • Seminars
  • Legal Proceedings
  • Official Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Interviews
  • Audio/Video transcriptions

Reduce costs & improve the quality of documentation without any additional investments.

Top transcription services to businesses, hospitals, universities, law firms and professionals have helped them to focus on their core business while our efficient and qualified transcribers handled the transcriptions for them.

We make transcription services an easy process!

Service and Experience:

  • Offer transcription for all digital and analogue audio formats
  • 7 Virtual Assistant Service has over 8 years of experience
  • Guaranteed accuracy of over 98.99%
  • Always available to assist by email, and phone 7 days a week
  • The company has ISO Certification for Quality work and data security
  • Volume and Turnaround Time:
  • Our multiple operational centres and offshore contact centres allow flexibility to tailor your transcripts according to your needs
  • We offer fast turnaround time regardless of volume and length of audio we receive
  • Technology Management:
  • All transcripts are done manually by industrial best transcribers
  • Advance audio-editing, voice recognitions, transcription tools and software are used to ensure high-quality transcripts
  • We provide options to email or upload or mail CD/DVD audio files to us


  • We have expert transcribers for British / American accents
  • Team of multiple language transcripts accommodate any language transcription work
  • Transcriptionists maintain the perspective of your audio (language)
  • Expert transcribe of your niche is assigned to process audio
  • Separate proof-readers and editors team ensures 98.99% accuracy on every transcript

Our Team:

Our Transcription services success is based on highly qualified professionals. These professionals play a vital role in the development of our transcription company and giving full work satisfaction to our clients.

Our highly skilled transcribers and flexible in-house capacity to accommodate any volume and complex transcription project combined with experience and resources help us to deliver reliable transcription solutions for a wide spectrum of industries such as academic and education, media and entertainment, health-care and medical, travel, legal, financial, business and corporate.

Transcription Infrastructure:

  • Online and offline library, and electronic spell checker for reference
  • Communications with 300 workstations with high speed
  • Internet browsing speed is higher with acceptance with DLL systems
  • Window 2003 servers, Linux server, back up servers
  • We support Sun (.AU) format or Voice (.VOC) format
  • Video Conference facilities
  • The built-up area that extends over 20,000 square feet
  • Multiple line telephone, fax, and chat support
  • Digital dictation systems
  • Digital recorders with auto-transfer using FTP to transmit the dictations
  • User-friendly data transfers for dictations and transcriptions

Our Mission

  • Provide reliable, cost-effective and high-quality transcription services by the team of rock star transcriptionist
  • Create a good rapport for a long-term client relationships by following a friendly and flexible approach
  • Ensure client satisfaction by maintaining on time work delivery

Our Vision:

  • Creating a long tradition of quality service and technological innovation.
  • Our Values
  • We are dedicated to every client’s requirements
  • We build long-term business relations
  • We deliver great results and contribute to client’s success

7 Virtual Assistant Services works as an end-to-end solutions provider for its clients, providing the most advanced transcription services.

Contact us today!

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