7 Ways How YOUR Virtual Personal Assistant can HELP You in Travelling

7 Ways How YOUR Virtual Personal Assistant can HELP You in Travelling

One of our very important clients agrees to write about her experience with 7 Virtual Assistant Services and how her super Dedicated Assistant has made her life much easier. While this is a great testimonial to our services, it is more importantly a good read on how to make the best use of your virtual assistant for impeccable travel management.

If like me (Ruth), you too have traveled extensively around the world, living and working in different cities, you will understand why I absolutely CAN NOT travel without Nita – my virtual personal assistant at 7 Virtual Assistant Services. She is professional, always on-time, and knows exactly how I like my business and personal trips to be – the kind of accommodation I prefer, flight and meeting schedules, and even sightseeing.

That’s not all, when I am rushing from one meeting to another or shuttling from one airport to the next, I know someone has my back and that all those tasks that don’t require me to be there are also well taken care of. That’s the part I love about outsourcing to a virtual assistant than hiring a personal assistant in-house, and of course a VA is there 24/7 on helpline plus I don’t need to worry about attrition or hiring replacements. Well, I did do a lot of research on which virtual assistant service to go for and decided on 7 Virtual Assistant Services and on Nita after I interviewed quite a few of the VAs available here.

Approximately, they saved me $16000 each year. If you are planning to hire a virtual assistant to delegate travel management task, here’s a list of tasks you can assign to make your personal or business travel smooth as a breeze.

#1 Travel budget planning: Having a budget in place ensures you don’t go overboard in personal trips and in case you are travelling for business and your company/client is sponsoring the same, it gives a heads up to that party to plan for upcoming expenses. Get your virtual assistant to do a thorough online research by factoring in a multitude of possible situations when making a travel budget.

#2 Booking mode of travel: Be it international, national, or local travel, most good virtual assistants are well trained to scout for the best deals in airline/train/bus bookings. Book in advance to avoid last minute hassles and ensure you get to your meetings in time and well rested.

#3 Booking accommodation: Once your virtual assistant gets a hang of your preferences, he/she will be able to book your stay exactly the way you like. Until then, give a clear brief on preferable hotel location, amenities you can’t do without, the view you like from your hotel room, special meal preferences (if any), etc. Depending on the duration of your stay, you could ask your assistant to evaluate and compare options such as service apartments, rental bungalows, business hotels, or resorts.

#4 Managing appointments: Having a virtual assistant to plan and schedule meetings at the desired destination means you get all the time to focus on the actual business rather than having to worry about impending appointments, cancellations, rescheduling, etc.

#5 Vacation planning: Who says you can only utilize your assistant’s services for business travel? Nita is a great help to me whenever I have to plan a vacation with my family – I only have to give her an approximate budget and time span and she does everything else. Location scouting, booking travel and accommodation, finding the best sight-seeing places, and since she knows my spouse and I are adventure enthusiasts, she even manages to find us awesome adventure activities wherever we go so both of us can have our fill of the thrill we so love.

#6 Wake-up calls and travel plan reminders: For someone like me who was infamous for missing flights, especially those on odd-hours, Nita has been a god-sent. She gives me a wake-up call every time I have an early morning or late night flight and ensures I am out of bed and getting ready to reach the airport on time. She also sends me timely reminders about my impending travel plans, helping me stay prepared – mentally and physically.

#7 Itinerary mapping: The first thing I noticed after I hired Nita for my travel management was that she was great at putting together a complete itinerary that outlined everything from the time I would leave home to the time I would get back. It included pick-up and drop-off locations and time, flight schedules and airport terminal details, accommodation details with address and contact numbers, and company and contact details of people I was scheduled to meet on the trip. The itinerary has now become my go-to tool to stay sane and organized, especially on extended trips that span multiple locations.

Having used 7 Virtual Assistant Services’ dedicated virtual assistant services, I am always assured of round-the-clock service, best deals on travel and accommodation, and most importantly – peace of mind. Whoever said travel is the easiest way to enrich one’s soul had also probably discovered the joy of outsourcing travel management to a virtual assistant!

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