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Google doesn’t have all the answers, but GOD has!

The Lord Reigns, Pastors Minister, Virtual Assistants Handle the Rest

In this day and age, ministering to people is becoming increasingly more crucial, which furthermore pulls our pastors and ministers away from the daily administrative needs of the church. Pastoral care and need is increasing and budgets are never what they should be for a church. Cuts have to be made, financial consideration must be made and a congregation must take priority. It is definitely a constant balancing act. So, what do you do and what do you need to get it all done without breaking the church budget?Hire a virtual assistant.

A New Kind of Church Secretary

A virtual assistant will give you the flexibility and convenience of taking messages and answering phone calls as they filter in, not just during a set amount of hours. It is common to receive phone calls at odd hours, and of course on weekends at a church, and we know a church budget may not be able to handle answering calls on a consistent, every day basis. We also are aware that a phone may or may not ring every day and that just means wasted money with a secretary sitting at a desk waiting for a call to come in for you. A pastor has a ministry to focus on and can’t be taking time away from his duties.

Record Keeping, Filing, and Communications

We can provide needed data entry, accounting records, budget & financial statements, and generate needed reports. We can send email and written communications to pastoral boards, other congregations and contacts within the community for any type of needs imaginable. We can put together video or audio presentations from your sermons, help create an appealing website and make your church and your message known throughout the area you worship in.

Church Service Preparation

Need the bulletin typed up for next Sunday’s service? We can provide that also. Not only can we create the bulletin, we can make sure everything is scheduled properly for all of your commitments, both within and outside of the church walls. We will make sure everyone comes together for functions and will help keep things organized for you. We can help create reminders for upcoming events and activities without you having to worry about any of it. We have the capability and know-how to create send out bulk mailings to your congregation and the community as a whole.

In essence, a virtual assistant can help make your congregation grow in number and strength. We can stretch your ministry far beyond what you ever saw possible before. We can give you the time, resources, tools and financial capability to make your church, ministry, congregation and community strong and pure.



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