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Hiring a virtual assistant at affordable rates is extremely important. VA’s are both a significant expense and meaningful investment because ideas and actions determine your outcomes. That’s why you need to hire a virtual assistant who can play a very important role in your business.

At 7 Virtual Assistant Services – We are here to support you in every way possible in recruiting and managing your perfect offshore team, data entry, internet research and much more, so you can grow your organization inexpensively. We our help you would increase your productivity, saving you a substantial amount of money while achieving superior results – because our team managers will make sure all the task assigned and complete in good quality within the time frame, your organizations productivity will skyrocket.


Experience – Our virtual assistants are one of the most experienced in the business. We will help you to increase your productivity and save your time and money.

Major Savings – Because the expense of recruiting, office space, government fees, taxes, equipment, software and other benefits are all NOT included in our low monthly prices starting at just $199, you save up to 70% of the cost of hiring traditional ways – so we can work within your budget, no matter how large or small.

Flexibility – We understand that there are inevitably ebbs and flows in all businesses. That’s why we allow you to adapt to any conditions, adding and subtracting VA’s quickly.

Access & Control – Your VA’s will report directly to you. You will enjoy managing them remotely, and will be our honored guest any time you wish to visit us in our offices.

Fantastic Quality7virtualassistantservices.com has a policy of under-promising and then aiming for the sky and consistently over-delivering. Give us your first assignment today and we will become your trusted long-term partner.

Virtually Risk Free – Our outsourcing rates are so low and cancellation policy so generous that hiring through us virtually risk free.

Better Results – All our VA’s are outstanding that they are competitive with our other VA’s anywhere else in the world. So you can count not only on cost savings by offshoring but better business results as well.

Contact us now to hire a virtual assistant.

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