How Personal Outsourcing Can Set You Up for a High-Performance Lifestyle

So, you get up early every morning and manage to hit the recommended exercise duration of at least 30 minutes. You also eat a healthy breakfast, sleep for 6-8 hours, and yes, never forget to hydrate yourself adequately throughout the day. Despite ticking a yes on all the ‘healthy living’ parameters, do you feel like you are lagging behind on productivity? Like your true potential is still underutilized? If you answer ‘yes’, the reason could be the ‘time killers’ you are yet to identify and weed out.

While the obvious time killers could be spending too much time on phone, social media, etc., it’s the hidden ones – those that seem like must-do tasks but are not, that do the real damage. Let’s take a look at three of the biggest personal time killers that you can outsource to set yourself up for a high-performance lifestyle:

#1 Cleaning and laundry: Most urban people spend up to 5 hours a week doing cleaning and laundry related activities. That’s a whole lot of time if you think what all you could accomplish personally as well as professionally if you were to put it to better use – meeting a new client, learning a new skill, pursuing that hobby you always wanted – the list is endless. Now do the cost analysis – if you live in any big city, you’ll be easily able to find a host of options catering to all budgets that would do everything – from home cleaning to laundry, drying, folding, ironing – for as less as USD 5 to 10/hour. See the value in personal outsourcing?

#2 Grocery shopping and cooking: Planning the week’s menu for your family, getting the groceries, sorting them, and cooking healthy meals can sound like and actually is a lot of work. While most of us would be vary of outsourcing cooking (though that can be easily done and you can get home chefs that cook exactly as per your preferences), grocery shopping is one part that you can easily start with when it comes to outsourcing. You can hire a virtual assistant to do the job for you or browse the internet yourself for online grocery shopping sites that offer free delivery in your preferred date and time slots. With this one major household task off your plate, you’d be surprised at the upward surge in your personal and professional productivity!

#3 Bills, taxes, and investments: Being tasks with specific timelines, which if not met, can attract huge penalties, bills and taxes are personal tasks that make for must-outsource candidates. While previously, it used to be expensive to get people to file your taxes, pay bills and policy premiums and keep accounts, technology has eased the load today. You can hire a virtual assistant who is well versed with geo-specific taxation laws and guidelines and can do a great job at keeping your accounts updated. They can even assist you in building the right investment portfolio – selecting, buying, and maintaining the best insurance policies for personal and professional purposes that can cover all your current and future needs.

Live Every Day like it is Your Last

Remember what Steve Jobs said when asked how he manages his daily routine and work life balance despite being the CEO of one of the world’s most successful electronics company? He said he treats every day like it’s last on earth and does only the tasks that matter most – to him as well as his company. When it comes to productivity, it all really does boil down to prioritizing right and personal outsourcing is a big stepping stone in that direction.

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