Partner with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

Are you a real estate agent who desires to set better goals however hesitates due to the fact you don’t have the right virtual assistants to help you efficaciously?

You may have thought about hiring an assistant to handle many of these things, but when you found out how much it was going to cost you said “Forget it!” Now it’s time to look at a real estate virtual assistant.

7 Virtual Assistant Services offers you with exceptional real estate services specifically tailored for today’s busy real estate professional.

If you are finding that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all you set out to do, then you need to partner with 7 Virtual Assistant Services. We remove all your over-loads repetitive, boring, unproductive of mundane tasks so that you can focus more on your goals and be more productive.

"Are you a busy real estate professional who needs extra hands? Then hire a real estate virtual assistant to take the ball and run with it."

Then take a look at the services offered and be sure to visit us and check our virtual real estate assistant pricing to see how we can be of help to you. The Testimonials of our clients offer you the trust and confidence that are needed when working with a real estate virtual assistant. 7 Virtual Assistant Services offers to assist you with your goals and visions using today’s technology, fresh ideas and experience you expect.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

First let’s tackle what a virtual assistant is:

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is one who provides support services to clients from a remote location.

What makes a Real Estate Virtual Assistant different?

A real estate virtual assistant is all that and more. A virtual assistant for real estate also has a deep understanding of the inner workings of the real estate market.

They are creative and quick thinking.  They have the ability to work on their own and think on their feet. They can take over the time-consuming projects leaving you more time to complete the actual money-making tasks you need to do. Each task is specifically customized to your business, your market, your needs.

What Projects Could I Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Do?

  • Posting Ads to Craigslist and Other Similar Sites
  • Setting Up Your Meetings
  • Manage Your Social Media Presence
  • Track Your Competitors
  • Travel Booking and Data Entry
  • Research Real Estate Marketing Trends
  • Email and Calendar Management
  • Create A Property Brochure
  • Enter Data in MLS Database

Now is the time to step up and boldly pursue your dreams of a having a real estate business that is organized and runs efficiently while you concentrate on taking your business to the next level.

Get Creative

If you are going to stand out from the crowd, you have to get creative.  Your marketing message has to special, tailor made, personal and most of all memorable. It has to speak to both your current clients as well as new clients.

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

This could apply more to the real estate market. You are counting on your clients referring friends and family to you – that will only be your reality when two things happen.

  • They remember you
  • You made them feel good

I understand to market this way takes considerably more time and effort, but the rewards will be infinite.

How do you make people remember you and feel good?

  • Send birthday, thank you and anniversary cards.
  • Create a newsletter to keep in touch with current clients
  • Provide little extras – like crayons – at open houses
  • Use pictures
  • Creative and thoughtful Listing Flyers

You may think – I don’t have time for these activities. The question is – how can I implement these creative strategies so people will remember me and feel good about being my client? That should be your question.

This is where 7 Virtual Assistant Services comes in – a virtual assistant services for real estate. These tasks are perfect to hire a real estate virtual assistant for.  At 7 Virtual Assistant Services, we can quickly and easily put together a marketing package that will be creative as well as memorable, which will leave your clients feeling good.

When you hire a virtual assistant or outsource to a real estate virtual assistant services, you are hiring an assistant for each job you need done.  You are charged only the time it takes to complete that job. It’s one of the greatest perks of a virtual assistant. You only pay them for what you need them to do.

If you are exploring the idea of working with a highly-experienced best real estate virtual assistant with any of the above services, please contact us today and check how our real estate virtual assistant saves your time and money.

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