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7 Virtual Assistant Services is a global leader in transcription services and other outsourcing transcription requirements. Outsource your transcription projects to us and get accurate and quality solutions at affordable rates.

List of transcription Services we offer:

  • Medical Transcription
  • Business Transcription Services
  • Academic Interview Transcription Services
  • Video Transcription Services
  • Interview Transcription Services
  • Legal Transcription Services
  • Audio Transcription Services
  • Industry-Specific Transcription Services:
  • Media & TV Transcription Services

Let’s jump into the topic one after one.

What is Medical Transcription?

According to Wikipedia – Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession dealing with the process of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports that are dictated by physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners. Medical reports can be voice files, notes taken during a lecture, or other spoken material. These are dictated over the phone or uploaded digitally via the Internet or through smart phone apps.

Medical Transcription

7 Virtual Assistant Services offers all kind of outsourced medical transcription services to the overseas healthcare industry at a very affordable price.

There are number of medical transcription companies out there, but we are the best medical transcription services in the industry – because we have a certified team of medical transcriptionist at 7 Virtual Assistant Services in India offers high quality, HIPAA Compliant, sophisticated spoken/recorded audio, video, digital data to text transcribing solutions to global healthcare facilities.

At 7 Virtual Assistant Service – we provide 100% of data accuracy of medical transcripts to hospitals for easy and quick access to patient information. But the question is – Is medical transcription worth it? Yes, it is.

Skills and Attributes of Medical Transcribers at 7 Virtual Assistant Service Transcription Services:

  • Knowledge of basic to advanced medical terminology
  • Excellent verbal communication and memory skills
  • Skill to comprehend diverse and complex regional/national accents
  • Ability to sort, count, and verify numbers with accuracy
  • Outstanding computer skills typing skills
  • Records maintenance skills
  • Efficiencies in multiple report types and multiple specialities

Whether it is for transcribing operative reports, radiology reports, SOAP notes, discharge summaries, or medical lectures, our Transcriptionists will convert your important audio input into clear and accurate text.

Our greatest asset is a unique team of Medical Transcriptionists with experience in handling different dialects and multiple specializations and offer a medical transcription jobs worldwide.

Members of the medical transcription team at 7 Virtual Assistant Services are experts in performing document typing and formatting functions according to established criteria. We take utmost care in transcribing the spoken word of the patient’s care information into easily readable form. By following a stringent quality control system, we make the sure correct spelling of all terms and words including medical terminology and eliminate dictation errors.

We can offer you Web Transfer options if you use Dictaphone. You can also opt for a bulk transfer option via our secure FTP sites. We support Sun (.AU) format or Voice (.VOC) format.

Our objective is to provide accurate and quality medical transcription services to our worldwide clients. We guaranteed to deliver output in any format before the deadline with 98.99% accuracy. Get perfect outsourcing medical transcription solutions for your business industry needs.

Business Transcription Services

We are the best business transcription agencies for generating accurate business transcripts for all your important business-related recordings.

Legal transcription business – we can deliver highly accurate, affordable and quick business transcription solutions to get your transcription jobs done effectively with the cost effective business transcription rates.

We Transcribe…

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Board Meetings
  • Conference Calls
  • Correspondence
  • Earnings Calls
  • Financial Analyses
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Market Research
  • Press Releases
  • Seminars
  • Speeches
  • Telephone Calls
  • Training Sessions
  • Webinars
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Business Survey
  • Corporate Talks
  • Company Reports
  • Press Conferences

At, our transcription company – business transcription services wing is an excellent team of transcriptionists, proof-reader’s, quality analysts, and editors. Their command over the English language and business/technical terms, tenacity in looking up quasi-famous names that the client might have missed, ability to understand foreign accents, and the accuracy level of transcripts are superior.

We transcribe the followings data:

  • Recorded meetings, seminars or conventions of Focus Groups
  • Recorded talks, lectures, and/or interviews
  • Recorded Teleconferences
  • Recorded ideas and thoughts to write Books/Manuscripts
  • Recorded interviews, traffic accident reports, fire reports, bugged conversations, Recorded interviews of witnesses and/or suspects, and wiretaps
  • Recorded Press conferences
  • Recorded Lectures

Transcription Service uses the latest in transcription, recording, file encryption, and voice recognition software!

We ensure fool proof security and confidentiality for the data and information passed on to us through stringent privacy policy implementations that conform to international standards. We accept content for business transcription from any source including standard/microcassettes, audio files, (wav, vox, DSS, and mp3) Internet, VHS and DAT. All audio is enhanced through analogue and digital equipment.

The mission of our transcription services is to provide its professional service assuring excellence of Business Transcription through a commitment to customer satisfaction, confidentiality, and time-efficient and cost-effective strategies. Get one-stop business transcription solutions for your business needs.

We respond to all requests, and any information you share with us will be confidential.

Academic Interview Transcription Services

Interviews like faculty or lecturer job interviews and other interviews conducted by teachers and students as part of their research or study can be termed academic interviews.

At 7 Virtual Assistant Services – provides specialized academic interview transcription services to cater to the demands of colleges, universities, and other educational institutions requiring academic interview transcription services. These educational institutions send us the audio and video recordings of academic interviews, and we provide efficient, accurate and secure transcripts at very affordable prices.

All our academic interview transcription services cost are completely customizable to provide the maximum advantage to all our customers utilizing our quality academic interview transcription services. This makes us one of the best available academic interview transcription providers in the industry.

Outsource interview transcription services – we can handle a range of academic interview transcription service requirements. Our academic interview transcription India unit has sufficient expertise and knowledge to transcribe academic interviews of any extent and difficulty.

Advantages of our Academic Interview Transcription Services:

  • Fast and accurate academic interview transcription India services
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Secured and encrypted practices
  • Delivery through FTP, email or any preferred method
  • Improves your productivity and workflow
  • 24x7x365 customer assistance

We are renowned for completing the academic interview transcription service project assigned to us well before time, if not on time. That is why we have so many customers from all across the globe opting for our academic interview transcription services and audio transcription services. Associate with us and you will know why we are termed as the best academic interview transcription service provider in the industry. We have state of the art infrastructure and the latest academic interview transcription technologies to offer you academic interview transcription services of superior quality and unrivalled accuracy.

7 Virtual Assistant Services in India has implemented various privacy policy measures to safeguard our client’s interests. Our academic interview transcription service rates are very competitive in the industry. Contact us to know more about our academic interview transcription services, and we will revert to you within 24 hours.

Video Transcription Services

Video transcription is one of our favourite forms of transcription services. It is a conversion of all spoken words from video files into a text format. At 7 Virtual Assistant Service, we help production houses to individual video editors, media & entertainment companies to enterprises daily by delivering 98.99% accurate video transcripts as an online video transcription services.

We offer video transcription free minutes for a trial and a standard turn-around of 48 hours, with the choice of 24-hour rush, or even same day rush if required. We also provide ongoing typing service and work on a one-off basis.

Our Expertise in Video Transcription Includes:

  • Movies
  • Media Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Educational Materials
  • Tutorials
  • Classroom Teaching
  • Documentary Films
  • TV Series
  • Webinars
  • Training Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Shooting Scripts
  • TV Shows, Reality Shows
  • Presentation

We provide premium quality transcription service, captioning & subtitling services, which makes your video accessible, searchable & SEO-Friendly.

7 Virtual Assistant Service is trusted by a wide range of clients across the globe, including respected production houses, event organizers, eLearning, universities, television networks, educational institutes, researchers, multi-media companies, video editors, enterprises, govt. department, etc., to provide a consistent & confidential service.

Video File Formats We Accept:

We have the best team of transcriptionists can work with all sorts of video file formats – mp4, .wmv, .flv, .avi, .mov, .mkv, etc. We can also transcribe YouTube videos and similar embedded or streaming and flash videos.

We have transcribed n-number of video files, including DVDs, VHS tapes, Videotapes, Footages, Mobile Recordings, MiniDV or DVCAM.

Why Choose 7 Virtual Assistant Service for Video to Text Transcription?

  • Ensure 98.99% Accurate Video Transcripts through 3-Tier Quality Check Process
  • On Time Every Time. Zero Missed Deadlines
  • Support All File Types
  • Video Transcripts with Captioning, Subtitling with Time Coding & Time Stamping Services
  • Accept Bulk & Ongoing Requirements

We are renowned due to our high-end technology and infrastructure, flexibility, fast and accurate transcription services in India, quick turnaround time. We keep the confidentiality of your files and keep the privacy of the files to the core. We have the ability to work on any transcription server interface and database interface. These facts make us outsource video transcription services the best in the entire industry.

Interview Transcription Services

7 Virtual Assistant Services offers qualified interview transcripts in a 4time bound manner to Market Researchers, Professors and Teachers, Graduates and students, Consultants, Insurance Providers, Writers and Authors, Attorneys, Preachers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, doctors, academicians, attorneys as well as local & global companies. Our experienced and skilled interview transcribers are proficient in all outsourcing interview transcription requirements of any technique or industry and have a interview transcription software knowledge. We are specialized in transcribing all format structured or unstructured interviews transcription.

We can help you with all-digital, audio and video file interview formats (e.g., micro-cassette, tapes, DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, WAV etc) transcripts and offers interview transcription free minutes.

What Interview Transcription Service you are Looking For?

  • One-on-one Interviews
  • Research Interview
  • Skype
  • Telephonic
  • Job Interview
  • Radio Interview
  • Media Interview
  • University Research Projects
  • Focus Groups
  • Group Discussions
  • Student Research
  • Journalist Interview
  • Business Talks
  • Police Interrogation
  • Witness Interview
  • Press Briefings
  • Multiple Participant Interview
  • Management Interview
  • Press Conferences
  • Technical Interview

7 Virtual Assistant Services provides fast, accurate and reliable interview transcript to global clients. Our services are economically priced and flexible. Interview transcripts for corporate are offered at low interview transcription rates per hour. Our transcriptionists are well versed in a wide range of industrial terminologies and quality factors in providing legal, medical, media and business interview transcription solution that exceeds your highest expectation.

The other characteristics of our outsourcing interview transcription services in India are time stamping, tag lines and time coding services. The quality of our interview transcripts is excellent, as our staff is well disciplined and qualified, and familiar with the versatile accent. The transcripts are edited, proofread and quality audited before the dispatch of the copies.

Benefits of Choosing Interview Transcription Services of 7 Virtual Assistant Service:

  •  Qualified transcripts for barely audible interview from documentaries, discussions etc
  •  Get a free estimation of interview transcription cost before actual outsourcing
  •  Get secure transcripts for confidential interviews, we have a strict data security policy
  •  Well equipped with tools to transcribe your interview recording in any format
  •  Over 1000+ satisfied clients are America, United States, Canada and in other nations
  •  Economical and Competitive Pricing
  •  24 x 7 x 365 Service and customer support
  •  Quick turnaround times ensured the highest level of accuracy

Legal Transcription Services

The trend towards offshore transcription outsourcing is making its presence felt in the legal transcription industry also, and that too at an increasing pace. The number of companies taking advantage of this boom in the legal transcription offshoring industry is also on the rise – so there are as many legal transcription jobs in the market.

By combining proven operational reliability with modern technology 7 Virtual Assistant Services is been able to deliver secure, on-time and affordable legal transcripts to support – court reporters, law firms, legal agencies, prosecutors and attorneys rely a lot.

It is a fact that not all in the business are providing exactly what they want. While many offer legal transcription outsourcing at affordable rates, the quality of the transcribed output may be at risk. Some others offer quality work but at rates unaffordable to most of those who outsource. There is yet another casualty – inability to meet the deadline – equally alarming.

We provide Quality Legal Transcription for…

  • Administrative Hearings
  • Arbitration Hearings
  • Conferences
  • Correspondence / Letters
  • Court Proceedings
  • Depositions
  • PACE Interviews
  • IUC Transcription
  • Witness Statements
  • Wills
  • Claims
  • Legal Advice
  • Adjudication Panel Hearings
  • Interrogations
  • Judicial Hearings
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Memorandums
  • Public Hearings
  • Wiretaps
  • Contracts

Our transcription services, devoid of all those criticisms common against unprofessional legal outsourcing firms, offers to provide cost-effective legal transcription solutions to global customers in quick turn-around time without compromising on the quality of the transcripts.

Outsourcing legal transcription services requires specialists, who are capable of transcribing legal transcription projects at their best!!!

The legal Transcription team consists of an ideal combination of young and energetic graduates, as well as hands with a professional background such as fresh law graduates, partners from leading law firms, lawyers, and patent engineers.

There are lot of legal transcription outsourcing companies in the world, but 7 Virtual Assistant Services is the best legal transcription services. Whether it is verbatim voice dictation, letter, opinion, court document, or testimony hearing, 7 Virtual Assistant Services can deliver a transcript true to the conversation and manageable. We are providing top quality outsource Legal transcription services to the client at competitive prices, delivered in a friendly manner and expedient. We can work on all media formats, including 4-track tapes and manage large, complex transcription projects for investigational and trial purposes.

Get ideal legal transcription solutions for your business needs. We ensure fool proof security and confidentiality for the data and information provided to us through stringent privacy policy implementations that conform to international standards.

Audio Transcription Services

Audio Transcription, the process of making word transcripts of audio cassette tapes, digital sound files, dictations, and speeches, is becoming increasingly useful for a wide range of businesses, purposes, and communities worldwide. The target groups benefited by audio transcription services are many and diverse and you can avail free audio transcription minutes to check our services before you subscribe to our plans.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced audio transcribers, professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in transcribing all spectrum of audio, voice, speech, audio recordings to text and have expertise in British and American English…

Our Expertise of Audio Transcription / Typing Includes:


  • Focus Group
  • Legal Recordings
  • Property Inventories
  • Web Conference
  • Business Meetings
  • Manuscripts
  • Medical Reports
  • Researches
  • Lectures
  • Speeches
  • Correspondences
  • Thesis
  • Telephonic Conversations
  • Corporate Talks
  • Web Seminar
  • Mobile Recordings
  • Series of Conferences
  • Presentation
  • Media Reports

We accept once-off or ongoing jobs with anywhere from 1 hour to 10,000 audio / video hours or even more… 

Industry-Specific Transcription Services:

Our transcribers are familiar with industry-specific terminology and have expertise in providing audio transcription services to a wide variety of industries – healthcare, legal, research, media, business, telecommunications, government, etc.

Who are our regular clients?

  • Social Researchers with Interviews, Focus Groups
  • Writers / Authors with hours of Interviews for Books
  • Conference Organizers
  • Physicians, Respected Hospitals
  • Call Centres, Customer Care Surveys
  • Films and media companies

Audio Formats that we accept:

Transcribe from DVDs, CDs, mini-disc recorders and cassettes.

Transcribe from recordings on the internet. Just provide the link to the audio.

7 Virtual Assistant Services is a leading outsourcing firm undertaking a wide variety of audio transcription assignments from global clients, and delivering quality output in quick turn-around-time!!

We guarantee to give personal attention and quick, affordable online service ensuring the confidentiality of the clients’ sensitive data.

Media & TV Transcription Services

7 Virtual Assistant Services provides a quick & reliable transcription service for media companies.

Our transcribers are experienced and expert in transcribing noisy, hard of hearing, quiet or uncontrolled conversations, interviews and press conferences. We love what we do and bring your media to life in words.

We have been providing transcription services for the last 20 years, and our clients include respected PR & Media Agencies, Journalists, Authors, Podcasters, Radio Stations, etc.

Our Expertise in Media Transcription Include:

  • Media Interviews
  • Public Speeches
  • Press Conferences
  • Conference Calls
  • TV Shows
  • Oral History
  • Podcasts
  • Reality Show
  • Focus Groups
  • Special Reports
  • TV Program
  • Webcasts
  • Radio / TV Broadcasts
  • News Bulletins
  • Testimonials
  • Manuscripts
  • eLearning
  • Biography
  • Documentary
  • Knowledge Sessions
  • Talk Shows
  • Film, Drama, Play etc.

We also offer a professional time-stamping service to allow for advanced synchronization of the transcript and specific audio or video file. Our transcriptionists are highly skilled in transcribing audio records of programs conducted, broadcast, telecast, or screened.

By employing state of the art technology, infrastructure, and trained transcriptionists 7 Virtual Assistant Services provides professional outsourcing media transcription solutions to global clients. Whether it is a radio talk show, a news program, audio, video, interview or a TV show, media transcription services can offer digital transcripts of the program by leveraging the media transcription technology.

7 Virtual Assistant Services has proven expertise and experience in providing clients with high-quality transcripts in the least turn-around time, from tape or digital media.

The voice tapes/ files of programs are transcribed into text files and sent back to clients within the specified deadlines. Depending on the urgency of the project, price rates may vary.

Contact us to know more about our cost-effective transcription services.

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