Virtual Assistant for Life Coaches: Empower Yourself to Encourage Others

Ever wondered how a life coach spends his/her day, besides of course helping clients overcome their life’s challenges and issues by moulding their thinking to focus on positive outcomes? Most life coaches I know struggle with the peripheral yet necessary aspects of managing a business just like any other entrepreneur. Additionally, being a life coach also involves devoting time for continuous learning and skills upgradation and to be able to do what they do best, life coaches often need help running day-to-day operations. That’s why a dedicated virtual assistant could be a life coach’s answer to getting everything in place.

If you are a life coach feeling overwhelmed with work and looking for some relief yourself, here are 5 ways a virtual assistant can help you.

#1 Lead management: As a life coach, chances are that you often get leads for potential clients when you are out meeting people for work. But if keeping track of leads, fielding their preliminary queries about sessions, duration, fees, etc. takes up your valuable time, how will you attend to existing clients with dedication? A virtual assistant can help qualify, conduct follow-ups, answer initial queries about your work, and forward you only the good leads that have high chances of conversion.

#2 Social media management (SMM): Given our hyper connected world, no business can prosper without a thriving social media presence. Moreover, for a profession like life coach where good reviews matter significantly, the importance of social media is paramount and outsourcing SMM to the experts could be the best way to harness its full potential. From managing multiple social accounts, to blogs, and engaging prospects through forums – a virtual assistant can do it all and more.

#3 Web/tele-classes: Video is a powerful medium for a life coach as most cater to global audiences by conducting webinars, tele-classes, or through Skype sessions, tele-summits, and podcasts. A virtual assistant can help you create and upload videos, generate content for video marketing, manage registrations for webinars, and coordinate all the other necessary aspects for a successful output.

#4 Document and calendar management: Awesome coaches make the world a better place but it’s their virtual assistants who add that extra bit of awesomeness by doing all the backend tasks such as managing and sorting emails, scheduling appointments, book keeping, managing accounts, invoices, and taxes, making PowerPoint presentations, filing documents and all the other paperwork that goes into making a successful business.

#5 Online research: Life coaches often need to stay abreast with the latest happenings in personal healthcare, neurology, psychology, and economic trends to be able to help their clients overcome their stress and personal issues. Having to surf the web to find worthy content regularly can be extremely time consuming. Most good virtual assistants are adept at online research – they can quickly scan credible web sources such as magazines and news sites to consolidate relevant content for a coach’s easy reference and access.

Focus on Your Passion

Being in a people-facing profession like that of a life coach, personality development coach, or even fitness and yoga instructors requires immense commitment – to helping people achieve their goals. Hiring a virtual assistant to take the tedious tasks of running a business off your back can be a huge help and with all the time you save, you get to drive your passion stronger, higher, and with more zeal!

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