We take pride in having served thousands of customers all over the world. Our clients vouch for us and trust our services. We believe in creating happy and satisfied customers. Our commitment for excellence makes sure that our clients get nothing but the best. We have a dedicated customer support service that takes care of all our customer’s concerns and queries. We aim at building a bond with our customers based on mutual trust and respect.


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Looking forward to working with us? Join our team and become a part of a group that works like a family. At 7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM, we welcome and appreciate talent and creativity. Our motto is to have satisfied employees who can truly count on us. We provide excellent work conditions and follow ethical work practices. We look for performance oriented individuals who can deliver excellent levels of work.

24/7 Customer support

We make sure that we are readily available for our clients to get in touch with in order to deal with any problems that might surface and to solve any queries that our clients may have either about our business, our cost effective services or any other aspect. We make sure that our customers remain satisfied above all and thus make sure that we clear all your doubts regarding anything at all in order to ensure improved communication between ourselves and also to have a trustworthy and smooth deal. Regardless of the time we will have personnel who can guide you through if not directly take care of all your service related problems. Since we also have a global custom we can deal with clients from varying time zones with much ease and simplicity.

Secure Online Payments

All our payment options are through secure and well trusted companies and organizations such as PayPal. We make sure that all online payments are secure and make sure that it is impossible for third parties to interfere with transactions. We make sure that all transactions are through secure channels and clients.

We offer our clients a number of options to choose from when it comes to monetary transactions and offer a number of convenient and flexible ways that are safe and secure and can be trusted as a means for safe payments.

Out of all the customers we have catered to we have not yet had a single serious threat to security. Nor has it been compromised in any way in the past and neither is it likely to happen in the future. We pride ourselves in the security of our company and make sure that our clients also feel the same.

Payments & Invoices

Online banking has made the methods of payment much easier and more convenient to all parties involved. We have internet banking options which not only makes it much easier and faster for money transactions to take place. It is also very convenient for our clients as we offer a number of flexible payment options. More than our interest in getting paid we care more about the convenience of our customers. We make the whole process easier by obtaining the relevant data during the sign-up process. We do everything in our power to make sure that all we have is nothing more than a comfortable and flawless business transaction for all parties involved.

All the payment methods have been conceived by us in order to promote the user friendly aspect of our service. We would like nothing better than our customer’s satisfaction after the deals have been made.

Security & Support

We provide the utmost importance to your data and make sure that all information regarding you and all aspects of the business transaction are highly protected by state of the art encryption and protection software. We understand all the needs of our clients and put their needs ahead of our own.