1. How do I know that my DA is working?

Your virtual assistant will manually check-in and check-out with you every working day along with an update of their progress.

Our supervisors also monitor their work to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Your virtual assistant will send you daily check-ins and can report their progress to you whenever you’d like! In addition, you can choose to have them complete tasks in Google Docs, where you can see “real time” updates or in project management tools like Basecamp. Of course, our operations manager, will also be managing them one-on-one to also ensure that your tasks are being completed correctly and on time.

2. What type of task can my DA work for me?

Tasks can be of almost any type that does not require a physical presence & can be executed using a computer. The best tasks to give us are the type that you can easily explain/teach us through chat or email. All of our Virtual Assistants are trainable and love learning new things. We love challenges are finding ways how to do what we are asked to do properly as long as everything is decent and legal.

3. What type of tasks you won't perform?

We will not assist with anything illegal, or with anything degrading to our staff.

4. Can you perform recurring tasks?

Yes! Recurring tasks are one of the most effective ways for us to provide you with the best possible service. With recurring work, it’s “set it and forget it.” Once we know how to do the task, and know how often to complete it, you don’t have to worry about it! Recurring tasks also allow us to make sure you’re getting value out of our service, even if you don’t have a chance to send over new work.

5. Is there a minimum commitment or contract?

No. Your subscription to our service is month-to-month, and can be ended at any time you want. There are no cancellation fees or penalties of any kind.

6. Your price is set for one assistant. What if I want a team of DA's?

That’s great! We offer discounted rates for teams. Just contact us here for custom pricing.

7. What language will my DA speak?

English. All of our virtual assistants speak English as their first language. Some also speak French, Hindi, and are available for related tasks.

8. What time will my DA work?

As you know we work 24/7 365 days in a year. Your DA is available at your call. You can even have him/her work while you sleep (after 12am)! Imagine waking up to completed work at the beginning of your next business day.

9. What measure you take for my privacy?

Privacy and security of our clients is our #1 priority. Among our operations-based rules and procedures, we have internet firewalls, virus protection, and internet restriction policies. Your details will always be 100% secure.

10. Where are you Dedicated Assistants located?

Most DA’s are located in India. Few are in Middle East(Dubai) and United States.

11. What if I don't like my assigned VA?

When we assign your dedicated VA, we choose the best to fit your needs. If you are ever unsatisfied, we will assign a new VA immediately. That’s the benefit of working with a virtual assistant company rather than individual contractors!