Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

We are offering efficient Revenue Cycle Management Solutions to our customers from around the globe. Our Health Care Solutions are not only effective and time saving but will also greatly increase your revenue and will help you to get rid of inefficient resources. We use our technical, planning and strategical skills to help different medical groups to achieve a significant increase in the performance and revenue. The value we deliver to our clients through the quality of our virtual medical assistant services in the U.S. is compelling and effective.

Scheduling & Patient Registration

Scheduling and registration process can be an added tension and anxiety for the medical staff. Taking this into consideration, we are offering a perfect medical virtual assistant as solution for scheduling and registering patients that will make the process more convenient and will allow you to be more productive at the same time.

Demographic Data Entry and Charge Capture

Our demographic data entry and charge capture solutions offer all information related to patients under one roof. This will help you in organizing the data and will make it easy to go through complete data when required.

Accounts Receivables and Denial Management

We strive hard to offer skilled accounts receivables and denial management services to our clients. Extensive experience of dealing with medical billings and knowledge of handling different insurances and denials makes us a perfect first choice.

Verify Insurance

Verifying patient’s insurance status can be a tough task but with our effective RCM solutions it is now more convenient and effective. Our medical personal assistant can now verify the insurance or check the eligibility while customer registration or scheduling. Thus, allowing you to be more productive and to focus on more important tasks.

Claims Transmission

Let us automate the claim process for you to cut back your costs andmake it a hassle free process. Our systems are programmed such that they meet all the requirements of HIPAA 5010 for electronic transmissions.

Self-Pay & Correspondence Follow Up

Our RCM solutions offer a nifty Self Pay & Correspondence Follow Up system that helps in identifying the escalated issues, scheduling staff, evaluating the performance and reviewing the follow up.

Effective and Efficient Medical Coding Services

Offering finest Medical Coding services to ensure that health care service providers are paid for their services. We guarantee that our certified team of Medical Coders will ensure that there is no or minimal loss of revenue.

Payment Posting

Payment posting demands proper attention and timely actions. It is not as easy as it sounds. A little mistake may result in a lot of problems. Therefore, we are offering impeccable and efficient payment posting services.

Automating Collections

Using our financial and management skills we offer top notch automated medical collection solutions that reminds patients of their outstanding bills and enables to make medical collections effectively.

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