Mortgage Services

Offering Mortgage servicing to keep track of the day-to-day tasks of managing your loan inclusive of keeping track of principle and interest paid, responding to your inquiries and processing your loan payments. Our mortgage virtual assistant solutions follow the latest standards of the mortgage industry and will help you to keep pace with changing mortgage industry.

Risk Management

With our risk management services, unacceptable risks are done away with by identifying, analyzing, assessing, controlling and avoiding any potential risks. This helps ensure that applicable standards are followed for better results.

Mortgage Origination

Qualified loan originators are at hand to help borrowers through the mortgage process. The mortgage is marketed to consumers, buyers are qualified, necessary information is collected and the mortgage processed.

Mortgage Service

Our mortgage service includes payment processing, escrow services, investor reporting and loss mitigation offered by mortgage virtual assistant. We also do believe in good customer care which is why we do offer the same.

Mortgage Sub Servicing

Need help with bankruptcy administration? Done! How about default management? We got you covered! The same applies to payoff processing, investor reporting, default management and quality control.


No need to worry about compliance standards. With pre and post-funding loan audits we insure quality standards are met. The whole package is covered-process and product to ensure defects are identified and prevented.


The right product needs the right price to become a great hit in the market. Our qualified analytics team help determine how market conditions and pricing strategies will affect the mortgage volume and demand.


With our special services dedicated to processing, required documentation is collected, organized and reviewed in the processing stage. This is before the loan being submitted for underwriting. This is to ensure that loan documentations are complete and comply with company policy.


Underwriting helps ensure that the loan file does meet set guidelines that have been set up by the investor. With it, credit decision can be arrived at. We have a skilled team of professionals which can take you through this process. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this for you.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection helps identify potential fraud risk and any potential errors in the mortgage applications thus minimizing on collateral risk. We will achieve this for you by ensuring that qualifying documentation does indeed come directly from the borrower.

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