Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Real Estate industry is ever changing and with every passing day the method of selling your property is changing. It takes different small tasks to combine up which leads to selling a property. This includes a lot of paperwork and technical details. So, why not take us into service to do these small tasks while you focus on the major task of selling the property?

Posting ads to Craiglist and other similar sites

We can help you find some of the best online and offline publications which will allow to run ads for free. Besides that, our team of virtual real estate brokerage will design, run and manage your ads campaign allowing your property to get more exposure.

Setting up your Meetings

Are you finding it difficult to setup meetings with potential customers and manage your meeting schedule? We can help you with that as our team will not only create a draft of important questions but will also gather important information about the properties in area so you can crack a good business deal.

Manage your Social Media Presence

For any business it is important to have social media presence. Our social media experts will handle this for you. Not many virtual assistant companies for real estate agents keep your social accounts updated and gather potential customers from social media, but we do it.

Track your Competitors

Want to keep an eye on your competitors every move? Well, our team can do that for you. We will analyze the market and your competitors in the market and will help you to plan accordingly.

Travel Booking and Data Entry

Finding it hard to get a good travel deal or data entry is not your cup of tea? Why don’t you get in touch with us? Our team will find best travel deals, arrange your travel plans, book hotels for you and arrange everything in advance just because you deserve it.

Research Real Estate Marketing Trends

Real Estate market is ever changing. Our team of analyst and virtual assistant for real estate investors can make a report on the changing trends of Real Estate market. They will not only keep you updated with changing trends but will also help you to plan and make strategy with the changing Real Estate trends.

Email and Calendar Management

Getting lots of emails? Not able to manage your calendar and meetings? Well, we are here to help you with this. Our team professionals will set up filters so you get only important emails.

Create a Property Brochure

Looking to create a strong impact on your buyers? Need not to worry as our real estate virtual team skilled in designing and handling brochures can do it for you. We will not only collect data but will also edit it to create a professional looking brochure.

Enter Data in MLS Database

Our professionally trained team specifically for databases can help with entering the data in MLS database so you can get the details whenever and wherever you want. This will also keep your data organize and save you a lot of time.

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