ATTENTION: This legal notice applies to the entire contents of the Website under the domain name (Website) and to any correspondence by e-mail between us and you. Please read these terms carefully before using the Website. Using the Website indicates that you accept these terms regardless of whether or not you choose to register with us. If you do not accept these terms, do not use the Website.

This Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of date of purchase between 7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM (the Contractor), and the Client with respect to the engagement of the Contractor’s services by the Client. The Client and the Contractor are sometimes individually and collectively referred to herein as the “Party(ies).” For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by the Parties, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Introduction:

By accessing any part of the Website, you shall be deemed to have accepted this legal notice in full. If you do not accept this legal notice in full, you must leave the Website immediately.

The Company may revise this legal notice at any time by updating this posting. You should check the Website from time to time to review then and there current legal notice, because it is binding on you. Certain provisions of this legal notice may be superseded by expressly designated legal notices or terms located on particular pages at the Website.

2. Service Access

While the Company endeavours to ensure that the Website is normally available 24 hours a day, the Company shall not be liable if for any reason the Website is unavailable at any time or for any period.

Access to the Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond the Company’s control.

3. Sign-Up

Each Sign-Up is for a single user only. The Company does not permit you to share your user name and password with any other person nor with multiple users on a network. Responsibility for the security of any passwords issued rests with you.

4. Warranty

There is not warranty or guarantee on any of the information provided by 7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM. We try extremely hard to provide the greatest, most prompt, and most accurate information, and we believe that we do this better than anyone anywhere. However, if we give you information that is wrong in any way, although it's a mistake, we cannot be held liable for it (or the results of the mistake) in any way. Basically, if we tell you something that ends up really causing a problem, we will not be held responsible. We're smart and you're smart, let's both rely on our intelligence and maturity to get us through that sort of thing.

5. Payments

There is a free trail of this service. In order to use this service after free trial, you pay a specific, monthly recurring fee for whichever plan you sign up for. For example, you probably pay us once a month for a month's worth of service. Once you've paid for a month (or for any other interval), there are no refunds offered, however if you are unsatisfied with the work performed by your assigned 7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM team member, you will not be charged for the hours used.

7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM plans are recurring subscriptions. When you sign up for the monthly plan, your card will continue to be charged each month (or year if you're on a yearly plan) until you cancel via the website. Unused tasks from one month rollover to the next month. This means if you are on the 5 task plan and only use 4 tasks, you'll start the next month with 6 tasks available. Tasks continue to rollover as long as you are a subscriber. You are still billed normally regardless of how many rollover tasks you've accumulated. Tasks rolling over does not change the amount you'll be billed each billing cycle.

6. Cancellation

You can cancel at any time for no penalty fee.

7. Termination of Service

We reserve the right to terminate the service of a client at any time for any reason. That's our legal right. In extremely rare circumstances, we may end our relationship with a client for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • If the client is constantly requesting tasks outside the scope of their service plan and we're unable to find a solution by scaling back the requests,
  • If the client is abusive or rude to his/her assistant or any other 7 Virtual Assistant ServicesTM employee. Please treat our employees as you would treat your own employees; if you yell at your real-life employees, they'll likely quit.

11. Copyright.

Copyright is the legal protection extended to authors or owners of original published and unpublished artistic and intellectual works. Should you request that your virtual assistant source content or images for use on your website, you do so at your own risk, and you are entirely responsible for supervising his/her work, and ensuring that all appropriate permissions have been obtained. Should you request your virtual assistant to carry out any of these activities without the necessary permissions, you will be solely responsible for any violations of copyright law, and may be subject to legal sanctions, including fines.