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Virtual Assistant For Small And Medium Enterprises (SME)

Excess workload, looking to cut down your overhead cost and need extended business hours?

Relax – time to forget your worries. Hire a virtual assistant to manage your daily tasks. We understand the fact that you know running your business better than anyone else, know how to unlock your full potential you need to develop your business, and how to spend your time with your loved ones or at your workplace. Its lack of time, fixed infrastructure and business operating costs sometimes push you back and you cannot do it all alone.

With the growing number of solo professionals, the need for marketing, administrative, social media, web and graphic services is increasing and the process of finding assistance for your business in this area can be overwhelming. Most solo professionals feel like they have to find a service provider in each of these task areas but what they may not know is that there are virtual assistance firms out there that offer all of these services and more.

Your business needs extra hour of time and you need to delegate some of your mundane or routine tasks to free-up your time and focus on important areas to develop your business.

How can a Virtual Assistant help SME’s?

There are many ways that you can utilize the services of a virtual assistant in your business.

Here are just a few of the services virtual assistant offers to SME’s:

•  Administrative Items – From scheduling to e-mail management to time tracking to invoicing, your virtual assistant can help you with many, many administrative items. The beauty is that you can turn over all of the day-to-day management to your VA and focus on what is important – your clients!

•  Marketing Assistance – If you are responsible for marketing your own practice and finding clients, your virtual assistant can help, you setup different marketing channels and monitor their success rates.

•  Social Media Support – As more and more businesses take to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can have your virtual assistant manage your contacts and your communication via the social media networks. Although it is best to have messages come from your voice, you can utilize the power of these tools even when you are pressed for time.

•  Blogging – You may have heard that you should be blogging but if you are not yet, now is the perfect time! Your VA can not only write blog posts that are keyword rich (to help drive traffic to your website) but they can add appropriate images, keywords and categories to create an excellent resource center for your clients.

•  Website Management – A virtual assistant, with the right skill set, can help you to keep your website up-to-date and fresh with new content.

•  Accounting – Professionally managed accounting services are always an added advantage to your firm. Virtual Office Assistant supplies the best accounting convenience like QuickBooks and MYOB.

•  Others – We offer a host of other services for your convenience and profit like web research, data entry, word processing, collection of contact information, social media and networking, event planning, travel research etc.

There are literally hundreds of options available for outsourcing to a virtual assistant. One thing to keep in mind, however, that is every virtual assistant and virtual assistance firm will have different skill abilities and will provide different services.

How Do I Determine What to Delegate?

The best place to start is to look at your daily workload. What is taking you away from working on client work? What is taking you away from the billable time?

Make a list and prioritize them into the biggest time wasters. These top-level items are the first things you should look at outsourcing to a virtual assistant.



Over 200 extremely satisfied customers!

7 Virtual Assistant Services Customer

As a small business owner, it can be hard to delegate tasks because you worry that no one cares as much about the quality of work as much as you do. With 7 Virtual Assistants, this worry is a thing of the past. My VA - Tanya, is the most competent, prompt, attentive person I've ever hired, and many times I feel she actually keeps ME in line! I could not be more pleased with Tanya's work, and would recommend her to anyone.

Mary Johnson Small Business Owner
7 Virtual Assistant Services Customer

7 Virtual Assistant Services has become an integral part of the Messaging Lab team. My VA ñ Tanya, serves as an A+ assistant, taking care of online and offline research, setting up interviews, maintaining several databases, coordinating printings, mailings, and a slew of other activities that we throw her way. Tanya never misses a deadline and she is the most tenacious reminder I have ever met. I highly recommend this company.

William Steven Medical Professional

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