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Virtual Personal Assistant - How Can One Help My Business?

Are you loaded with overdue bills, deadline projects, fail to reply important letters, and untracked schedules of social occasions but can’t get them all done on time? A virtual personal assistant is the best solution to your problem.

A personal assistant can help make your business achieve full success for many reasons. They can help you with personal as well as professional matters. They serve as extensions to work on some other tasks so you can save time and money and focus on bigger projects.

How can a Virtual Personal Assistant help you?

  1. Bill Payment – Weekly & Monthly
  2. Travel Research and Planning
  3. Best Flight Deals
  4. Hotels Booking and Rental Cars
  5. Online Research & Data Entry
  6. Online Schedule and Re-Schedule Appointments
  7. Online Purchases – Grocery and other Household Items
  8. Purchase Gifts
  9. Financial Organization
  10. Event and Party Planning
  11. Calendar Management – Family, Personal and Business

Wondering how virtual assistant services can help you and your business?
Here is how:

VPAs can give you more freedom by doing some of your tasks

Virtual assistants are well-trained and professionally developed individuals in the outsourcing industry. They can perform various tasks efficiently and produce results with high quality standards. This way, you lessen your worries because your assistant will do them for you.

Cut down expenses and office budget.

Hiring a personal secretary is far different from having a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant works remotely so you need not worry on providing office space and supplies. And not only that, you’ll be having less stress thinking about employee-related benefits as these will be the responsibility of the outsourcing company. Less expenses, less stress!

Keep your schedule updated

Personal assistants are excellent time and schedule managers. They can take care of your day-to-day appointments and update your schedules so there is no way you will miss one important project or meeting. This would keep your client’s trust on you. Honoring your appointments always makes a good impression to clients and shows how much you value their time.

Manage your phone calls and emails

One scope of a personal assistant’s job is customer support, which may include handling phone calls or answering emails. These two tasks can sometimes be neglected due to busy schedules or simply a case of forgetfulness. As a business owner or a high-profile professional, missing important emails or calls means a lot. With the presence of your virtual assistant, this case can be avoided. You can feel sure that everything is given attention because there is someone who can answer your emails or your phone calls even in your absence.

Time is really an important factor in the success of any business. However, truth is, your time may not always be enough to finish everything. You can always increase your workforce to get the job done on time.

Ready now? Do not forget considering the services of a virtual personal assistant to continue achieving more success in your business.



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7 Virtual Assistant Services Customer

As a business owner, my time and energy are valuable. As a business coach, I encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to outsource as much as possible so they can do what they do best, serve their clients and close business. Outsourcing to 7 Virtual Assistant Services has allowed me to grow my business by 36% this past year and the trusting, dependable professional service is a small investment in comparison to the return. Thank you for your continued professionalism.

Nick Austin Startup Founder
7 Virtual Assistant Services Customer

Rarely have I met, much less hired, a more organized, efficient, and thoughtful professional than John ñ my VA at 7 Virtual Assistant Services. He goes the extra mile, exceeds expectations on every assignment, and demonstrates time and again that his ideas and creative strategies are inspired as much on his own time as on his client's time. I would strongly commend this virtual assistant company expertise and vibrant personality to any Senior Manager or Top Executive choking on family vs. work responsibilities."

Samuel Daniel Startup Founder

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