Virtual Receptionist: Reduce Your Business Costs When You Outsource Receptionist Service

If you were to survey the majority of business owners, professionals and executives, most would likely say that their primary concern is the lack of hours in the day. If this is the case— then hire a virtual receptionist.

We’ve all been there— a to-do list that seems to stretch on forever and a limited amount of time to complete everything. When this happens it can become easy to be bogged down in the day-to-day operations and never really get the time to do the things that are going to ultimately make your business money in a direct way.

If you’ve been in this position, you likely understand how important it is to have good help to accomplish the day-to-day tasks, leaving you free to focus your attention elsewhere. Often business owners will look to the virtual receptionist service to ensure that phone calls are answered and properly directed and that appointments are scheduled, yet an on-site receptionist can be a big expense for businesses, which reduces the bottom line.

The Costs of an On-Site Receptionist

When you hire one or more staff members to take care of phone calls you’re spending a lot of money in the process. If the employee is full time you’re likely paying for benefits, like health insurance and paid vacation, as well as GST. You’re also paying for the office space used, the office furniture and the office supplies that individual will use, including expensive phone systems.

As well as the direct costs, as a business owner you’ll also have to anticipate the time and expenses related to training that person, as well as any costs that may be incurred because of downtime on the part of a receptionist, which may require either yourself or another staff member to resume the duties of the receptionist.

All of these expenses can add up quickly, and as any business owner knows, the ultimate goal aside from making money is to simultaneously reduce costs. Despite the costs associated with hiring a receptionist, you may be asking yourself how to handle your phone calls and ensure that your business operates smoothly and professionally.

The Benefits of  Virtual Receptionist

A live virtual receptionist is important to a business. Having a knowledgeable and courteous individual answer your phones is the best way to portray a professional, cohesive and organized image, even if you are a small business and you’re the only employee. In fact, a best virtual receptionist can make your business appear much larger than what it is, and this will likely create a sense of trust among your callers.

In addition, a virtual receptionist can handle and field numerous questions and requests, including virtual receptionist appointment scheduling, which will allow you to focus on running a business. You’ll have a screener that can discern which calls you’ll need to take, and which can be handled by the screener. This adds valuable hours to the day for any busy professional.

A virtual receptionist also allows you to ensure you’re never missing a potential lead or customer request. Missed calls can mean missed opportunities, which most business owners simply can’t afford.

Outsourcing Virtual Receptionist Duties

In order to enjoy the benefits of having a best virtual receptionist, without the high costs associated with an on-site employee – cheap virtual receptionist, it’s often best to consider hiring a virtual receptionist services, like 7 Virtual Assistant Services. With a virtual receptionist service you’re guaranteed professionalism, without the need for extensive training or downtime. You’re also going to reduce your costs associated with an office space, as well as the other fees and costs that come with maintaining an on-site employee.

With a dedicated virtual receptionist from 7 Virtual Assistant Services you can free yourself up to do what you do best, while being able to rest assured that your calls are going to be answered promptly, efficiently and professionally each and every time. When you work with 7 Virtual Assistant Services you’re also getting an US virtual receptionist and best virtual receptionist UK, which means your customer will be greeted with someone who knows the language and can interact effectively with your clients.

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